Jessica made me cry

10:52 AM gem 0 Comments

American Idol fans are on their feet to find out who would make it to the TOP 3 and of course, who would become this year’s American Idol. I do not watch the program regularly but I know just by looking at the news feed on my Facebook account that Jessica Sanchez is doing very well. I’ve seen her performances and I must agree that she’s really good!

But not for any other reviews, I just want to share how listening her singing Dance with my Father made me cry!!!! huhuhu. Everybody has parents biologically. For some who didn’t know who their parents were because of some traumatic experience, they probably have a guardian or adoptive parents who stood as their guide. And I believe that LOVE is a universal feeling. And oh yeah, Jessica hit the heart of the listeners because she sang this perfectly with feelings.

Whether you have a father or not, it is a strong feeling knowing that there is someone who could be the father described in this song.

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