FAIRYTALES… in the making

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Growing up when I was a kid was watching Disney movies about princesses and princes. For sure everyone would attest that they once dreamed of having a life like in the fairytales. Listening to this mix brings back the dreams I had then. It gives me that feeling that there is something good to expect in life. But then, I also remembered being told in school, and even in literature that life is nothing like the fairytales. People told me that I should wake up to reality that life is hard and that’s really how it is.

For years, they made me believe them. They made me forget how happy it was to dream and expect something grand. I know whoever instilled that in my mind was just being concerned so I wouldn’t be disappointed in life. Or maybe, they once dreamed of living a life with royalties but ended being disappointed themselves… who knows.

HK_Visit 246Listening to this brought back my childhood dreams. I realized the years of hope that I deprived myself of. We are all in our own fairytales. And if we dream hard enough and work hard on it, we decide what ending our story would be. Fairytales happen everyday… falling in love, marrying the one you love, getting a job, travelling to places unknown, being loved by your parents, working hard to see the ones you love happy…  finding treasures (by means of your income)… exploring the world (by the knowledge you get from school), we are all in a FAIRYTALE. And at this very moment, a soundtrack is being created for each of us. So pause for awhile and listen… looking at your life right now, what music will you hear? Sad? Exciting? Horrifying? Sweet? Happy? If it’s not as pleasant as you want it to be then its about time you WAKE UP to what’s really out there. Its a reality that we all need to work on our fairytale. Don’t STOP and NEVER forget that we have a Happy Ending to look forward to if you just BELIEVE!

I am thankful for the stories and the music of Walt Disney. I believe that they were made not just for children but they were made to teach the adults that to enjoy life, we must look at it in the eyes of a child. If you were told before to forget about your dreams, it’s never too late to go back and get it.



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