Leap Day

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Today is a Leap day- February 29! I told myself that this is an extra day from God so I should use it very wisely. What happened was the complete opposite when it comes to productivity. My meetings got cancelled so I got really grumpy.
This love month doesn't have a 30th day so Boi and I decided to drink red wine and watch movies. And that isn't going to fall under the "make it count" category.
With an hour left before March, I looked back and realized that 2 months have already passed. Have I been working hard towards my goals or have I been slacking around... I have been working on my goals. It's just that owning all your time can be tricky most specially on which areyou going to use most of your time for.
I really need to make a list of the things that I would commit myself to. This is not a new year's resolution but a Leap Year goal.

  1. wake up at 8am everyday
  2. get fit by doing Jumping ropes for 15 minutes a day
  3. read my book of the month for 30 minutes
  4. start my VLOG
  5. upload daily videos to my VLOG

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