A Tribute: W.H.

9:36 AM gem 0 Comments

I grew up singing her songs though some of the notes were so high! Like everyone else, I am a Whitney Houston fan. Her songs were always full of emotions, always from the soul and her songs definitely made a mark in our history. It’s a bit sad when I think of what happened to her career because of a failed marriage which lead to drug addiction. But I will forever thank her for the music she shared to us all.

Remembering Whitney with this video I made last year. I’ve memorized this song when I was in grade school. And when the radio played this song, I just recorded myself and started lip synching.

She has an angel’s voice and she could pause the world from breathing when she starts singing. I would want to see her regain her throne but I guess there is a better plan for her. Rest In Peace.

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