The Tooth Fairy and a Giveaway!

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One of the nicest feeling is having your teeth cleaned by a dentist. Isn’t it? For me, the feeling that I have a squeaky clean teeth makes me wanna smile at everyone. I am lazy when it comes to having my teeth checked by the dentist. I once wore braces but for some odd reason, it just made my teeth and bite’s case worse. The other day, I had to undergo a tooth extraction. This is the third that I had to let go. My teeth started to become weak 2 years ago. Had I known that our body stops producing Calcium after the age of 25, I should have done something to strengthen them. Oh well, I bid goodbye to my tooth and said hello to the toothfairy.

Speaking of toothfairy, so do you know why parents tell their kids to put their tooth under the pillow? Let me give you the folklore or the fairytale about it. From what I remember, in the Middle Ages, it was known that evil spirits can gain extreme power once they get to possess a child’s tooth. With this, once a child loses his tooth, the mother would keep the tooth to prevent the evil spirits from getting it. One day, a mother accidentally dropped the tooth of her child which the rat got and hid in between the walls of the house. The mother was so scared if the evil spirits get to possess the tooth. The news spread and it reached the Queen Fairy. She called for the mother and told her that the tooth will be safe with the rat because as long as it keeps the tooth, the evil spirits will not be able to go near it. However, rats leave their hiding places too. For that, the Queen Fairy has issued all Fairies to collect the children’s fallen off tooth. So that the evil spirits won’t find it, the children have to hide the tooth under their pillow so that all fairies would know where to find it. Hence, we have the Toothfairy!

6321563_Bad-Movie-Beatdown-Bad-Movie-Beatdown-Darkness-Falls-2003-jpgFor the bravehearts, there is a movie related to this story. If you want a good scare, you can watch Darkness Falls. It’s a 2003 movie which stars Chaney Kley as the boy who saw the evil spirit when he lost his tooth and was expecting the toothfairy. Everybody thought he lost his mind. After a few years, another boy experienced the same thing. They thought that the boy is just afraid of the dark but later, they realized he was telling the truth.

Darkness Falls–an evil spirit dressed as a Tooth Fairy

Enough of the scary part. At least we now have a better understanding of the fairytale. Anyway, the best part about having tooth extraction is the ice cream! And don’t forget that you have to take Mefanamic to combat the pain when the anesthesia wears off.


This will be the last tooth that I will have removed. (please Lord… I am kind) I thought drinking milk will be enough but I was wrong. Milks stored in Tetra packs contain UVA and UVB blockers. tetra-pack-milk

These chemicals are needed so that the milk won’t get spoiled due to sunlight while it is being delivered from the country it came from to its destination. But these very same chemicals prevents the human body from Vitamin D which is needed for Calcium absorption. What is the use of drinking milk if your body won’t get the calcium anyway?! So now, if you regularly drink milk that you buy from the grocery, sad to say, you are just being fooled. Yes there is Calcium there but they will not be absorbed by your body. It will just become Calcium crystals that in the long run will be detrimental to your health.

So how do we get Calcium? I suggest you drink fresh cow milk- this for a fact is accessible for people in the province. After drinking milk, go outside and get your sunlight! (Morning please- 7am to 10am only) The Sun is the best source of Vitamin D which will help your body absorb the calcium. If we are not lucky to have access to fresh milk, find a good supplement for your bones. Make sure to research on its contents. It doesn’t mean that if a beautiful actress says its good for your bones, it really is. We need the best quality since, as I said, the body stops producing calcium after the age of 25. Some of us might not feel the need, but we all know that the signs will show when its rather too late for any prevention.

I am giving away a 30 day Calcium supplement for my readers.

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active-calciumThis is a US Brand supplement called Active Calcium. It’s important for your body’s structure and the integrity of your bones to absorb the right levels of calcium and magnesium, and vitamin D helps this process. The benefits of having strong bones include preventing bone fracture and even avoiding osteoporosis later in life. Active Calcium is a balanced and complete formula of these important ingredients. And what makes Active Calcium “active” is the fact that the ingredients are bioavailable. For a calcium supplement to be effective, it must be absorbable, and this Active Calcium’s formula is the outstanding choice among competitors.

Isn’t this a healthy give away! You wouldn’t have to worry about bone problems and this will definitely help keep teeth strong paired with regular dental checkup. Click AWAY!

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