October Madness!

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October happens to be my busiest month of the year- and will forever be. I attended celebrations here and there. No matter how busy a person is with his work, study, or business, we all shouldn’t forget to be present on our love ones special days.

How many in your family happen to celebrate their birthdays on the same month?

Ciro and Clyde celebrated their 1st and 4th birthday respectively.


And here is a lovely family picture. (My sister, Xandro, Ciro and Clyde)313951_2399387551388_1452021167_32764002_27592908_n

Just a week after this, we celebrated Megan’s second birthday! Although the sky was gloomy because of an incoming storm, we were happy to have lots of people who attended the event. Megan is 2!

Megan is thankful for all the gifts! And of course, Barbie Mommy and Daddy Ken are grateful too!

Megan is 2!1

Another week after, we had a double celebration for Angel and my Aunt Arleen’s birthday!

We went to Bonifacio High street to have a birthday lunch with Yan’s family for Angel’s special day.

October Celebration

October Celebration1

And the rest of the night was spent in our Bar (Danlyn’s Videoke Bar and Restaurant) where my Aunt and all her friends had a blast.

October Celebration2

Birthday celebrations done! The events, however, kept on coming.

It was Ann’s get-away party at 7th High in Bonifacio Global City. What I really like about doing business is that I have time to attend events like this even if it was scheduled on a weekday. I own my time! =)

7th High1

And the recent one was at the World Trade Center where we attended a Convention for our business. It was an entire day celebration.



It’s almost the end of October but I still have a couple of events lined up for the last week. And most specially, it’s Halloween! I hope we will still have time to go trick or treat with the busy schedule that we have. Indeed, life is beautiful. It is great when, like me, you become a soldier of health and wealth!

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