When you’re feeling blue…

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I believe in the law of attraction, but there are some days when you really can’t help but to give in to sadness. Staying positive all the time would take immense discipline. For me, it’s like wanting to be a monk to achieve that “inner peace”. But since I am on my way to practicing that positive outlook in all I see, I am still human to experience struggles once in a while.

When I am sad:

#1. I write on my diary. I have a notebook that I keep because I like it best when I handwrite what I feel. I will not be judged on whatever is in there. There is no fair or unfair, no right or wrong.

#2. I cry. I have to let it out or else I will lose my temper. Who knows if I can do much damage?

#3. I EAT!!!! This is my fastest way to avoid or get over any negative feeling. When I am stressed- I look for chocolates, ice cream or any food that I crave for that time. But I am already old enough to know that “stress eating” is very dangerous. Sometimes, our bodies get used to craving for food when we are stressed, heartbroken, sad, etc… We run for food which most of the times are unhealthy.

Food & Drink are my comfort zone

Okay, I tried to avoid unhealthy food nman. I have in the above picture Chocolates, Rosemarie chicken sandwich, Chocolate mini pancakes, calamansi juice, 1 pc chicken with rice, Carrot cake with Walnut, a coffee frappe, and the last one is the best- BOHAE PLUM WINE. (I didn’t eat all of these in one day) The Plum Wine was the best anti-stress. I just tried it with Brian. It tasted weird because I haven’t tried Korean wines before. However, what I really liked about it was that after drinking (and sharing) half of it- I literally dozed off. In filipino- “bagsak!” in usap Kalye “plakda!” Of course I wouldn’t advise others to get drunk or eat a lot because after all this, you still have to face your problems and deal with it. 

My best advice is to go find someone you trust to talk to. Or if there is none, the diary part might work for you. If you hate writing, there's always God. He should not be the last option in the first place.

For me, apart from Him, I can always go home and see the best anti-stress God has given me for free!!!

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