I thought I was invincible

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Announcement: I got sick! Hahaha. Who would think that I would still get sick? But true enough, it only goes to show that if you abuse your body, you will eventually get it. When I was young, some of my classmates in elementary were called “sakitin” or sickly because they were often out of school due to sickness. I thought of myself as “lucky” because I was able to play football (our own version), mataya taya, and other active games. When I got to highschool, I was never absent nor late for 4 years! (That’s why I was the first recipient of the Perfect Attendance Award for 4 years) College came- sleepless nights caused by reading novels, studying, projects, plays. I surpassed them all! I must be born healthy- I must have been born lucky! When I started working, it’s also the same. I work and sleep late. I learned to eat at Mcdonald’s everyday. Or if not there, there were always other fast food chains to choose from. Of course! I work in Mall of Asia.

But months ago, I noticed how hard my body was starting to cope with stress. From there, I learned about the importance of Health and Wellness. We may be born healthy, which we should always be thankful to God and our parents for, but the question of staying healthy is up to us. I am glad that I learned about this even before I develop some chronic disease.

So going back, I got sick because I didn’t get any sleep at all. Woke up last Friday at 12 in the afternoon, went straight to my stressful office at 9pm and after my shift, I went to my business. I already felt the fever coming and I started sneezing. I told myself- okay! this is it! The only thing I can do is to combat it as much as I can. Though this is not advisable, I ate whatever I want to eat. And then, I took 2 tablets of Proflavanol which is 20 times more potent than regular Vitamin Cs. Ate some more- then took Biogesic for the fever. And lastly, one of the best medicines ever invented- SLEPT for 13 hours straight!

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