More time and more fun!

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300705_2254842697857_1452021167_32618496_2504957_nLast 2 days away from freedom. Yeppers! Last week was awesome. When I was a kid, I was always rewarded for my achievements. My parents and relatives were so generous in giving me what I needed. And for the longest time, I’ve forgotten how to really get what you deserve based on how much effort you’ve put into something you really want.

We finally got our first reward for a job well done. I got my Platinum pin (which is worth 5k- pwede na isangla!) and a Timex watch. Hey! that’s not bad at all considering it’s free! For me, it is a sign that I am getting close to our goal.

295713_2254846777959_1452021167_32618510_2307395_n  293363_2254849698032_1452021167_32618515_6811885_n

Saturday was hectic! I had a coffee breakfast with my CEC girls (Mich, Enn, Isko and the new breakfast buddy- Kim) It was a short chit chat for me because I have to run to my business afterwards.


Sunday was a long drive to Bulacan to attend Lance’s Christening! We really had a hard time asking Megan to get off the pool to go home. This makes me think of just having a simple pool party for Megan’s 2nd birthday in October.

Lance Christening

Lance Christening1

These are just a  few of the things that I will get to enjoy again after Wednesday! No more stressful emails, no more phone calls, I get to be my own boss and get to spend more time with my family and friends.

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