It Has Ended

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Finally!!! I have seen the last installment of Harry Potter- The Deathly Hallows. It was uber okay! It is just like how you read it in books.

Its sad that there is no more Harry Potter movie to wait for since this is the last. I remember watching Harry, the younger him, in cinema and finding out afterwards that it is a book. From then on, I started reading all of J.K. Rowlings books of the little wizard. They are right, Harry Potter will forever be in our hearts- they will never leave.

The Last Harry Potter Movie

While I was watching Harry Potter, my right eye was getting teary eyed and my vision getting blurry. I was afraid to admit to myself that this could really be it. I am an infected being! Living normally as I would want, I went to the office after the movie. Since I want to confirm what’s the real score, I went directly to our  Clinic in Alphaland. The nurse gave me drops and we waited for 5 minutes for the redness to go away. But it did not. He went on writing in paper that I have this "communicable disease” and would have to be sent home. Hahahaha. My trainers Brian and Rio were with me that night so they were called the “Infected Minions of Gem”.

Oh well… I will be going to the doctor later and will get myself well soon. Right now, I keep on disinfecting my hands as often as possible so as not to infect Megan or anyone here at home.


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