Day 27: Malabo ang Kita!

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a7f3b4fd36515aab962562f60b8f6cf7I was in front of my office computer when I felt my right eye’s vision became blurry. I looked at the mirror and to my horror… I saw that my right eye was getting teary eyed and it started to produce morning glory in every 5 minutes or so. This is not right!

I’ve been taking supplements for months now. All of us have to. Thus, I thought I was immune to all diseases until now. It’s not yet official though because I have not seen the doctor yet but I pray and hope that it will just go away.

How did I get this? I have no idea. But based on my investigation, I might have touched something dirty and might have rubbed it in my eyes. Or my eyes could have been irritated by the eyeliner I wore last night. Crap! I immediately asked Boi to buy me an Eyemo red eye drops. After I used it, I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep. And now, after waking up- whoala… my eyes are still teary eyed and what’s worse is that I cannot open my right eye properly. Its starting to swell.

Pink Eye or commonly known as sore eyes in the Philippines is an inflammation of the eye ball. It is usually caused by viral infections, bacteria, and can even be caused by simple allergy to dust, pollen, grass etc… Although there are a lot of home remedies for Pink eye, I suggest to see a doctor to have the eye examined. They would know best on whether you should be given eye drops, take antibiotics or just rest.

I am waiting for my prescribed eye drops which I asked my Aunt to buy from the drug store. Cross my fingers and hopefully it works. I do not want to spread the infection to others and obviously do not want to spend the rest of my 26 days unproductive by staying at home to hibernate and get well.

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