Happy days- new learnings- and a new toy

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For the longest time, I’ve never felt how good it was being away from the office. For four days, I had to rest and I felt like I was in heaven where everything was peaceful- at least for a few days. Yippee!!!
I couldn’t get over the idea that Harry Potter has ended so I watched again Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from my HP video downloads collection. Amazing how the characters in the first movie were so young-cute and so innocent looking. After my Puh-ther marathon, I watched a horror movie at night. Ohhh I just slept the night away!
I went to a Clinic to have my eyes checked. I had an appointment at three but I waitedl till 5pm before I decided to back out. Its insane- I finished watching ‘Blusang Itim’ and “Sinner or Saint” from the small television they had in the waiting area. I didn’t even know these dramas till now. Funny how we have so many teleseryes in the afternoon. This is definitely what makes the lives of people miserable. They watch lots of dramas!
Of course I couldn’t take it so I left. I just told the nurse I will be back the next day so I better be on the list.
Boi and I rushed to the office because we had guests. Presentations here and there. Talks here and everywhere, Then, Off to go home. Yehey!!!! I so missed going home at night knowing that I will only have to go to my bed that’s waiting for me and SSSllllleeeepppp.  ZZZZzzzzz
Got so sad. I don’t know why. Maybe because I missed my mom. So, after I finally got checked by the doctor and was given medications, I went to the convenient store and look at what I found!!!!
Chocolate is my comfort food! Whittaker’s is one of the best chocolates which will give you that sugar rush! And since I am a sucker for sweets for that day- I woke up with a sore throat. Good job Gem!
Was back to business work day for me. Had to be in the office early for presentations. In the afternoon, we went to Goldilocks and bought our share for the Potluck Meet and Greet scheduled for the night. Grabe!!!! I got to meet other leaders and was inspired by their stories. I learned a lot of things. But most importantly, I learned that we were blessed because we were all on the right path. “Health and Wellness is the next big thing!” Kung 5 years ago, nag BOOM ang call centers, this time- THIS IS THE NEXT- Health! Though it took a long time, the meeting was worth it. It was work & fun with pagkain pa!

ZZZZOOOMMM Training!!!!! This is my first time to attend a training from 9am to 4am- IMAGINEEE!!!!! But what’s good about it is that we had the BEST Speaker and Facilitator. There was literally NO DULL MOMENT. I will create a separate blog entry about what I learned in Zoom. Jopet Pedroso is the MAN!!!! naka Birch Tree kasi! *applause*
Honestly, after the training I saw a deeper sense of purpose. My eyes were opened. And I realized that we only have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone if we want to be rich. But the main reason why all of us wants to be rich is because we have people we love so much and we realized that their happiness can’t be postponed for next year, or the year after when we’ve saved a portion of our salaries which really will not make any difference in our average or even poor state of living.
And true enough, blessings come in abundance. After all the knowledge shared to us which was already a huge gift for me, when Boi took me home from the training, while in the car, he asked me to look for a paper in the plastic at the back seat of the car. I reached for the plastic and just found a box. So I asked where the paper was. He told me to look inside the box. And when I took the box out, I was shocked! My Baby gave me this!
Nakakataba ng puso! Well, its not just because its an Ipad2 but because I knew he was seeing how hard and serious I have been working for our business. I felt that my efforts were appreciated. The gift is more valuable than the checks we’ve earned. Those are just money- this for me is an award.
It is true- if you are surrounded by positive people, you attract positive results. I am just so glad that soon, I will be able to work at my own time and can start my road to the real success!

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