How my 2014 went

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It is not yet New Year's eve for me to create an article of how this year was for me but I wanted to give everyone an update on what has been going on in my life this year. I noticed I have very few, and I mean very few... entries for this year. Yes, I have been lazy, I have been confused, I was keeping everything mum until I figure things out for myself.

Starting a business is really challenging for most people. I admire my friend Orly for having the courage to start a training consultancy last year. We've had clients who were good and we've had clients that will be part of our banned list. For the entirety of the year, I did what I do best, motivate and spread positivity to people even when things aren't really going as well as we all expected.

That is the thing when you start a business. No emotional torture should bring you down. The moment you give in, everything will be lost. Everything will go back to zero.

I've received job offers and I've received this one offer that was really promising. I would have become a part of the fashion and retail industry but I declined the offer. It was not a hard decision to make because I know what I want. At this point, commuting and going back to working every single day, welcoming stress, are not in any way welcome in my vocabulary.

So I prayed. I prayed for the freedom to earn while doing the things I love.

On the side, I accepted a long time offer to join Leadership Network. I work online, I work at home, I get to make modules, and soon I will get to train online! I get to talk to different Filipinos who looking for an online job and I get to give them a job! If that isn't cool for you... well that is cool for me!

Suddenly, life is more relaxing. Life and work is balanced.

I am still growing because this is beyond what I expected myself to become.

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