Attending all the Seminars

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We're finally glad we're done with all the seminars that we had to attend for our wedding. Church wedding is indeed tedious and demands a lot. We first attended our Pre-cana seminar from the church where we will get married, Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Based on statistics, they rank #3 among the most number of weddings held every year- 200-300 weddings a year. And because of that, they always come prepared for every pre-cana seminar that they will be conducting.

It was a whole day event that we enjoyed. Breakfast, snacks, lunch were prepared. The speakers were all good and the place was airconditioned. If I am not mistaken, we were around 20 couples who had a crash course on how to make a marriage work. It wasn't like my everyday Religion class when I was in Highschool. It was more on the awareness that a lot of people get married but end up apart. Hence, the Church believes that a seminar like this is necessary so married couples would understand and expect that Marriage needs effort and nurturing of both parties for it to become successful. Family planning was also discussed. Because it is a very interesting topic, I'll post a different entry for that.

Second that we attended was a Pre-Marriage Counseling Seminar by the Municipality of Malabon. It was for four hours. A short version of our Pre-cana seminar, they tackled almost the same things. They only differ on topics about laws for women, children etc...

And the third was our Confirmation or Kumpil seminar. When the speaker talked about the 10 Commandments, the 7 Sacraments, our ears began bleeding... here we go again. It was the same lesson taught by a different teacher.

But among all these, what I really appreciate is the effort that our Church and Government give to create awareness of the real value of marriage. Though we hear about failed marriages left and right, when it's your turn to get into it, you'll realize how big is the task at hand.

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