A Family Christmas

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This is by far the most different Christmas I’ve ever had. Like what I said in my facebook status before, I would rather give money than give gifts this Christmas and I think I was able to do that. I was praying that my godchildren will realize the value of money and would spend, invest or save their aguinaldos wisely.

It’s the first time that I was not expecting any gifts for myself. Somehow, gifts didn’t really matter to me. What I treasure the most is my family’s happiness. This year, I was very glad that I get to spent Noche Buena, Christmas, and all the days after that with my family when years ago, Christmas would just pass by and then I would have to think of work again the next day. Isn’t that sick?

And this celebration became more meaningful everytime I saw Megan’s face lit up whenever she opened he gifts. She made us all very happy.



Although I wasn’t expecting gifts, I still got some. And they really know how to make me smile. I guess I am very easy to please. chocolates are the way to my heart! I remember when I was still working and stressed, I would go to 711 to buy any chocolate. After eating, I would be ready for another battle. This year though, I got more chocolates and ate them in one sitting. Hence, I know have sore throat! haha.

My Christmas was spent not just with my De Olazo family but also with Yan’s family. The feeling of seeing how our family got extended also showed me why its always preferred to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.



Merry Christmas to all those I haven’t greeted yet because of my hectic Holiday schedule. We still have New Year!


What makes one beautiful?

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Each of us possesses characteristics or features that make us stand out from the crowd. It could be your eyes, your nose, your cheekbones, your smile, your hair or a combination of all of these. Since I am the first born, I grew up having tons of pictures at a very young age. I then realize what my best features are and have learned to accept that my other features were part of me being human, imperfect but still beautifully crafted by God.

Puberty was the time when I learned how to be creative. Stage plays brought out the makeup artists in me. And from that time, I have always loved making people more beautiful!

This December of course is not an exception. With all the Christmas parties from left to right, I enjoyed having a busy December with my Clients.

My most challenging task was doing the 1950s hairstyle. I haven’t really gone through formal Hairstyling school so I really had to study how to do it.


PSRC Xmas1

And one of my favorites was the NO OTHER WOMAN makeups I did for my friend Nenz and her colleague. It was really fun seeing both of them- I really felt like I did a makeup for Kara and Charmaine. =)

KARA’s Makeup

PSRC Xmas2


PSRC Xmas3

And here are pictures of us together.

PSRC Xmas4

And lastly, my sister attended her Christmas party and was in the mood of saving money going to a parlor. Thus, she made use of the available resource she has- her eldest sister’s talent! I did her makeup and helped her choose what to wear too. Oh how I love the end result of her look!


Special thanks to Say Artillero for the boxes of false eyelashes I bought from her from the Trinket Bazaar. And for my sister’s necklace, we got it from Tinderella love Brazillda.

It’s fulfilling to see happy clients. This has not only been just a hobby, it has developed to a passion to help other people realize how beautiful they are. A makeup can further show the brilliant personality one has. What makes one beautiful is not just the physical features but also their radiating personality!

Check my website at: www.makeupbygemtaopo.tk


Great Finds this Christmas & Ensogo Luminare Discount!

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Christmas is really the season where people can get great discounts. Don't waste your time and check out this Luminare discount my sister found in Ensogo! I already told myself no but when I checked it out, the offer is too good to resist!

I got myself a voucher.

Luminare is a US brand mineral makeup. And yes, by now, we should already know that we should avoid the use of heavy makeups on a daily basis most specially if the makeup you are using contains paraben and other harmful chemicals which the manufacturers say as "safe" because they are only in small amounts. So, the good thing about using mineral makeup is that it is organic. It does not contain preservatives or fragrance which makes it good for sensitive skin. And more to that, it gives you a natural look that is perfect for those who just want to enhance their beauty and not look like they are going to a party in daytime.


For only 999 Php, you will get  5 brushes and a set of 8 mineral make-up pieces with pouch. Imagine, all of these are valued at 3,500.

Check the Ensogo promo here and you can also visit Luminare Mineral Make-ups here.

HURRY! You only have 2 days to avail this offer.

The above is a video I found featuring the use of Luminare Mineral Make-ups by Ms. Miriam Quiambao.

And of course, my visit to the mall was exciting because I was able to get additional makeups that I will use for my makeup gigs this December.

Stippling Brush- DOLLFACE  500 Php
I have bought an entire set of makeup brushes before from Dollface and I really love them. I just really need to add this cute PINK stippling brush to my collection. Stippling brush is very good for applying liquid foundations.
 Was just walking when I saw a shop (which I forgot the name) where they sell NYX cosmetics. I was looking for their jumbo pencils but they are not available. Thus, I got this white eyeliner.
Cream Eyeshadow- SHAWILL- 148 Php
I will be doing a Fairy makeup for one of my clients this week so I decided to get a suitable ES for the look. And perfect, I found this 12 color cream eyeshadow from Shawill. This brand is very affordable and so far, when I swatched the ES, they color looked good.


And of course, I had to buy a glittery eyeliner for whatever PEG I had in mind. I am excited for my Thursday event and the next ones after that!

Its really a good feeling when you are able to do what you really love! I enjoy making people beautiful!

Again, you can check www.makeupbygemtaopo.tk



Trinket Town Bazaar!

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Super fast post. Yesterday was a "Bed" weather day. Nobody wanted to go out and would rather stay in bed to sleep. The bad thing there was, I was not one of them. I have already planned on going to the Trinket Town Bazaar at II Terazo Mall at Tomas Morato. What for? Would you believe it? Just for faux lashes! I have makeup gigs this December and imagine 10 sets of faux lashes just for 150Php... that would really be a HUGE saving! I know I will really regret it if I will not be able to go there to buy lashes from Say Artillero.

Finally, after some drama here and there to Boi, we finally drove to Tomas Morato and got there around 3pm. The Bazaar's space is not that big but it's full of beautiful and fashionable things to buy. However, I told myself I will not be overspending this Christmas. Thus, we went directly to for booth #25 and finally!!!!!

Yey!!!! I can definitely say now that I have saved a lot!!! Plus, I was able to see Say Tioco Artillero personally. Too bad we didn't bring my camera. You can view her Youtube channel here. I regret not going around though because Say was able to find NYX Cosmetics being sold. Awww... You can check her post about the bazaar here.

I also got an Ellana Loose Mineral Powder. Gosh I so love this one. I'll put a review on this later.

For now, I really have to go. 10:25 on my watch. Have to leave by 11am. Wish me luck!!!!!


December is B.U.S.Y.

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I will definitely have to write this entry fast because I only have 1 hour left before I start preparing myself for business meetings. Anyway, last November 30, Boi and I celebrated our 4th year Anniversary. Yey! We didn't really have the time to go out of town because of our busy schedule.


We went to Shangrila and had a sumptuous dinner at Circles. I have missed this place a lot!

My First Plate

I regret wearing my red dress because I wasn't comfortable running around chasing Megan. Talk about losing poise! 

And the best part of it all, I really love the desserts. No need to worry about getting fat. I can just take Nutrimeal for that! Megan of course had a blast with the cakes and sweets!

Who would resist the chocolate fondue??

Le Pavilion!

Next stop was AboitizJebsen's Christmas Party. It's not known to a lot that my uncle is a 2nd mate officer in an international cargo shipping. Whenever he is not in the Philippines for Christmas, we (family members) take turns in attending the company party. This year, it's my turn.  
My Tita and Me

Waiting for the Buffet to open
The issues of seafarers and their families are not new to me. My parents are OFWs too so I can very well relate to the feeling of celebrating birthdays and special occasions without them. I am just thankful to God because He gave me and my sisters loving uncles and aunts who took the responsibilities of my parents as we grew up. We didn't feel deprived of love at all. We understood that everything is for us. 

I just found out that there were a number of seafarers who are being held by SOMALI pirates. A hundred plus of them are Filipinos. Really?! I thought pirates were a thing of the past and that they only exist in Pirates of the Carribean. However, that is not the case. They pirate ships for their cargo (goods) and they held the seafarers and torture them too. Imagine what trauma this causes the victims and their families. But we can HELP! We can go to www.saveourseafarers.com, put your name, email address and country. This will send an email to our government to take action on Piracy!