My Halloween

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Who says you have to look scary and wear gory costumes in Halloween? That is so yesterday! Whitelady, bloody mouth- can we just leave that to the actors in Magandang Gabi Bayan.

I am a lazy head. I didn't have time to think about the character I would portray this Halloween. Since I got my hair curled, I thought of Bellatrix Lestrange. Cool! However, I want something that would not make me look scary at all.

Soooo... I tried my very best. Here is it!

Which character are you this Halloween???


Curl my World- my Digital Perm

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It’s no secret to everyone that I got my hair curled. A lot of people have been asking where I had it done so I am posting this to share it.

My digital perm was done by Affascinante Salon. They have a Halloween promo till November 2 so I suggest you grab the opportunity and get a schedule. Their hair rebonding or digital perming costs 2.5k for any hair length. Go! You can check their Facebook page here. It’s very easy to get to their Salon. Just take the LRT and get off Vito Cruz station. Beside Jollibee, take a pedicab and tell the “manong” to take you to Royal World Mansion.

My hair was rebonded more than a year ago before I finally decided that I’ve had it with the repeated rebonds whenever my natural hair started to show. Thus, for the first time, I had my hair digital permed. Although I was the first in- last out in the Salon, the result was satisfying.

It took long but I am pleased that they tested a portion of my hair first to see if the process would work for me (since my hair got rebonded). No need to worry because they do not do this to all customers. With that, at least I know that they mean customer service. And speaking of customer service, the moment I sat down and got my hair checked, they gave me a glass of iced tea. They do that for all their customers. Isn’t that superb?! The owner was so nice and so were the other helpers. Since it took me a longer time to finish, they even gave me a cupcake which saved me from hunger after sitting for 6 or 7 hours.

I’ve always had my hair straight. A lot of people are still getting used to seeing my hair curled. Digital perming can be damaging to the hair so I am taking extra precautions to make sure I do not harm my locks further.


Me with my straight hair


The curls

Here are the products I bought for my Goldilocks…

  • Loreal Smooth-Intense Caring Shampoo (99 Php)


  • Pantene Nature Care – I use this when I am just at home to keep my hair and curls moisturized.


  • Finesse Curl Defining Mousse – this doesn’t have that hard texture that I hate because it feels as if I’ve sprayed “spray net” on my curls. This one creates a soft texture but still keeps the curls intact. (329 Php)


Since I am a lazy girl, these curls work for me because I can just put these products and look like I just got out of the salon everyday!

If I were you, try it!


October Madness!

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October happens to be my busiest month of the year- and will forever be. I attended celebrations here and there. No matter how busy a person is with his work, study, or business, we all shouldn’t forget to be present on our love ones special days.

How many in your family happen to celebrate their birthdays on the same month?

Ciro and Clyde celebrated their 1st and 4th birthday respectively.


And here is a lovely family picture. (My sister, Xandro, Ciro and Clyde)313951_2399387551388_1452021167_32764002_27592908_n

Just a week after this, we celebrated Megan’s second birthday! Although the sky was gloomy because of an incoming storm, we were happy to have lots of people who attended the event. Megan is 2!

Megan is thankful for all the gifts! And of course, Barbie Mommy and Daddy Ken are grateful too!

Megan is 2!1

Another week after, we had a double celebration for Angel and my Aunt Arleen’s birthday!

We went to Bonifacio High street to have a birthday lunch with Yan’s family for Angel’s special day.

October Celebration

October Celebration1

And the rest of the night was spent in our Bar (Danlyn’s Videoke Bar and Restaurant) where my Aunt and all her friends had a blast.

October Celebration2

Birthday celebrations done! The events, however, kept on coming.

It was Ann’s get-away party at 7th High in Bonifacio Global City. What I really like about doing business is that I have time to attend events like this even if it was scheduled on a weekday. I own my time! =)

7th High1

And the recent one was at the World Trade Center where we attended a Convention for our business. It was an entire day celebration.



It’s almost the end of October but I still have a couple of events lined up for the last week. And most specially, it’s Halloween! I hope we will still have time to go trick or treat with the busy schedule that we have. Indeed, life is beautiful. It is great when, like me, you become a soldier of health and wealth!


How I survived a disaster called Pedring

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The last week of September was literally a disaster. The weather last Monday was not that bad yet, though it was already raining. I managed to attend a business training from 7pm till 11pm. Tuesday was the “IT” day. Living in Malabon, it is already expected that there would be flooding when there’s heavy rains. However, we were not prepared for a far more danger lurking. The flood gate was damaged. Around 9am, my uncle asked Yan to wake up and take the car out of the garage to a higher area. The water outside was below the knee. Blessing! (that’s positive thinking!) Indeed, it was a blessing because had he not taken it out, the car would have been floating in a waist level flood just an hour after.


We heard something explode, somewhere. Then, the electricity was gone. Aw! The rest of the days were spent walking in the flood, fanning myself for cooler air, and the rest, created History.


Yes! I was thankful that the flood in our home was only leg high because the others didn’t even get to save anything. Their entire house were submerged in water. At least we have a comfortable bed on the second floor to sleep in even though it was terribly warm! See, we have lots of things to be thankful for.


So how does one survive a disaster like this?

  • Make sure your house, specially if you are living in a low land area like ours, has a second floor. Its even better if it has a third and a roof top! You can at least get to a dry place and wait till everything around you gets back to normal.
  • Do not put anything valuable in the ground floor. Due to Ondoy's disaster, we already learned not to put anything important in the lower cabinet. No closets etc… Our fridge is forever elevated on a stainless stool made specifically for it. - Televisions are elevated, everything is!
  • Have charged emergency lights. These helped us a lot during the days of darkness.
  • Stock lots of candles. To be used when the emergency lights get drained.
  • Have a gas stove. If you use electrical stoves, then you are off to starvation in times of disasters.
  • Stock canned foods in case you ran out of food in the fridge.
  • A battery operated radio helps to find out what’s happening in the world.
  • Have a phone charger that’s battery operated. You can get these from Handyman. (I am not sure if they have ones for Iphone or BB)
  • A book or any activity that does not need electricity will be helpful when you are bored.
  • And lastly, a fan when you are in heat!

If you have these things, you can survive a disaster that would last for 3 days. (for more than this, my suggestion is to stock more… more… more…)

The aftermath of a disaster is disheartening. But people from where I came from have gotten used to floods. What I enjoy after a disaster is that everyone helps each other clean houses and gets the chance to bond by talking about their experiences.

Sometimes, disasters happen so we can start anew. I’ve seen people throw a lot of the things they were having difficulty letting go. Now, they no longer have to worry about it.Nyah-Nyah