Sunday, August 28, 2011

What’s good about your “last day”

Finally my last day in the office came. the feeling was not sad and definitely was not bitter at all. It was all fun and full of love. Maybe that’s the feeling when in your heart you know you’ve done your best and have cared truly for the people you are working with. In every resignation, you will hear people talk about their complaints about their previous company as if all it has ever done to you was to make your life miserable. But that wasn’t the case for me. My new business family has taught me to always look for positive things. And because of them, I’ve seen a much better path. I’ve appreciated the fact that I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for the challenges I overcame in my previous company.Through the hardships, I’ve met true people. They are all unique; some easy to work with, some would always need constant reminders. But even so, we’ve built a family. And on my last day, I had a big smile on my face knowing that I will be moving on in a more exciting adventure and I wish the people I will be leaving all the best- and a hope that they won’t miss me much!


We all know that our economy is not in a good shape. When has it ever been? Thus, before someone even think of passing that resignation letter, there are things that you MUST consider. I know I am an Arian and I most often make hasty decisions but this resignation is something that I’ve cried for in months before finally giving myself a sure “yes”. It was not easy for me because I grew up with the idea that once when I study so hard, I will end up in a good position in a company and will have  chance of living a good life. I’ve worked hard- and it getting an Assistant Training Manager role was not a piece of cake. I challenged myself everyday. The work got harder and harder but I told myself, this was life. However, I was nowhere to getting my dreams. Saving every month was a very… yes ultimately slow way of getting a six digit figure in the bank. And more so, I can easily go to Boracay and ruin my entire savings until not so long ago, I saw an opportunity which is far different from what people are used to. And from here moving forward, life will be an adventure.

So if you’re on the verge of hanging yourself because you think your job sucks and you want to resign, consider these things first.

- take a step back and assess everything

what is the reason why you want to resign? Is it someone? your boss? a co-worker? Is it about the compensation? Are you overqualified? Is the work too hard for you? For whatever reasons you may have, the question is… Is there something you could do to address the situation?

- Talk to someone you trust, but not a co-worker

chances are, both of you have the same experience and sentiments. Your co-worker might not be able to give you the right wisdom because he might be emotional too about what you are going through. Remember, resigning has its consequences.

- Cost perspective, can you manage to live without a job?

Do you have another job waiting? Are you in a financial situation to move at your own expense? If you do not have a job, how long can you survive without one? Are you skilled enough or marketable for the position you are aiming for?


You do not just “resign” because you just feel like it. If you are like that, then it means you have no sense of responsibility because I can tell that the moment you feel that the job is a little hard, you easily give up. Resign for the right reasons. And if you’ve finally decided that it is a “yes”, here are the things that you should do before your last day:

  • Start taking all your personal belongings at home
  • Delete all personal files from your computer. Clear all the browser history and do not forget to clean your email.
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation
  • Copy works that you’ve done so you can add it in your portfolio
  • And write a farewell letter to the people in your workplace.

I personally have enjoyed writing a “love letter” to my trainers. In the team, I truly felt like I was their mother (though some are older than me). I really did my best to protect them and coach them when they have shortcomings. In the end, nothing was really lost- I valued their friendships more.


Now, for me. I have experienced the best curtain call for the BPO Industry.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More time and more fun!

300705_2254842697857_1452021167_32618496_2504957_nLast 2 days away from freedom. Yeppers! Last week was awesome. When I was a kid, I was always rewarded for my achievements. My parents and relatives were so generous in giving me what I needed. And for the longest time, I’ve forgotten how to really get what you deserve based on how much effort you’ve put into something you really want.

We finally got our first reward for a job well done. I got my Platinum pin (which is worth 5k- pwede na isangla!) and a Timex watch. Hey! that’s not bad at all considering it’s free! For me, it is a sign that I am getting close to our goal.

295713_2254846777959_1452021167_32618510_2307395_n  293363_2254849698032_1452021167_32618515_6811885_n

Saturday was hectic! I had a coffee breakfast with my CEC girls (Mich, Enn, Isko and the new breakfast buddy- Kim) It was a short chit chat for me because I have to run to my business afterwards.


Sunday was a long drive to Bulacan to attend Lance’s Christening! We really had a hard time asking Megan to get off the pool to go home. This makes me think of just having a simple pool party for Megan’s 2nd birthday in October.

Lance Christening

Lance Christening1

These are just a  few of the things that I will get to enjoy again after Wednesday! No more stressful emails, no more phone calls, I get to be my own boss and get to spend more time with my family and friends.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

When you’re feeling blue…

I believe in the law of attraction, but there are some days when you really can’t help but to give in to sadness. Staying positive all the time would take immense discipline. For me, it’s like wanting to be a monk to achieve that “inner peace”. But since I am on my way to practicing that positive outlook in all I see, I am still human to experience struggles once in a while.

When I am sad:

#1. I write on my diary. I have a notebook that I keep because I like it best when I handwrite what I feel. I will not be judged on whatever is in there. There is no fair or unfair, no right or wrong.

#2. I cry. I have to let it out or else I will lose my temper. Who knows if I can do much damage?

#3. I EAT!!!! This is my fastest way to avoid or get over any negative feeling. When I am stressed- I look for chocolates, ice cream or any food that I crave for that time. But I am already old enough to know that “stress eating” is very dangerous. Sometimes, our bodies get used to craving for food when we are stressed, heartbroken, sad, etc… We run for food which most of the times are unhealthy.

Food & Drink are my comfort zone

Okay, I tried to avoid unhealthy food nman. I have in the above picture Chocolates, Rosemarie chicken sandwich, Chocolate mini pancakes, calamansi juice, 1 pc chicken with rice, Carrot cake with Walnut, a coffee frappe, and the last one is the best- BOHAE PLUM WINE. (I didn’t eat all of these in one day) The Plum Wine was the best anti-stress. I just tried it with Brian. It tasted weird because I haven’t tried Korean wines before. However, what I really liked about it was that after drinking (and sharing) half of it- I literally dozed off. In filipino- “bagsak!” in usap Kalye “plakda!” Of course I wouldn’t advise others to get drunk or eat a lot because after all this, you still have to face your problems and deal with it. 

My best advice is to go find someone you trust to talk to. Or if there is none, the diary part might work for you. If you hate writing, there's always God. He should not be the last option in the first place.

For me, apart from Him, I can always go home and see the best anti-stress God has given me for free!!!

turn the volume of your speakers down a little… background music was a bit loud

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I thought I was invincible


Announcement: I got sick! Hahaha. Who would think that I would still get sick? But true enough, it only goes to show that if you abuse your body, you will eventually get it. When I was young, some of my classmates in elementary were called “sakitin” or sickly because they were often out of school due to sickness. I thought of myself as “lucky” because I was able to play football (our own version), mataya taya, and other active games. When I got to highschool, I was never absent nor late for 4 years! (That’s why I was the first recipient of the Perfect Attendance Award for 4 years) College came- sleepless nights caused by reading novels, studying, projects, plays. I surpassed them all! I must be born healthy- I must have been born lucky! When I started working, it’s also the same. I work and sleep late. I learned to eat at Mcdonald’s everyday. Or if not there, there were always other fast food chains to choose from. Of course! I work in Mall of Asia.

But months ago, I noticed how hard my body was starting to cope with stress. From there, I learned about the importance of Health and Wellness. We may be born healthy, which we should always be thankful to God and our parents for, but the question of staying healthy is up to us. I am glad that I learned about this even before I develop some chronic disease.

So going back, I got sick because I didn’t get any sleep at all. Woke up last Friday at 12 in the afternoon, went straight to my stressful office at 9pm and after my shift, I went to my business. I already felt the fever coming and I started sneezing. I told myself- okay! this is it! The only thing I can do is to combat it as much as I can. Though this is not advisable, I ate whatever I want to eat. And then, I took 2 tablets of Proflavanol which is 20 times more potent than regular Vitamin Cs. Ate some more- then took Biogesic for the fever. And lastly, one of the best medicines ever invented- SLEPT for 13 hours straight!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Most Successful People in the World

In one of the I Lead Trainings that I have attended, our facilitator Jopet Pedroso said that the most successful people in the world are none other than the kids- Its because they always get what they want. 

Yeah. I could not agree more. Kids are very persistent. They wouldn't stop even if their parents tell them the big NO. They will continue crying, and give tantrums until they get what they want. But other than that, they make life easier to live in. Children do not have issues, they do not create issues. They do not have suspicion and do not hold grudges. And more to that, kids are always happy. They might cry because you didn't buy them a balloon but if you point them to another toy- they'll immediately shift their mood and be happy again. 

If kids are the most successful people in the world, then don't you think all of us should look back and check these qualities that I have mentioned and then maybe, we'll get close to achieving our most desired goals. 

When I was 8 years old, I have this favorite song that I have memorized by word, tune and by heart. I can vividly remember myself listening to this song on auto repeat while I sing and dance at the same time. Me and my sisters, and my cousins would dance to this song every Sunday, which was our reunion day. I happen to, out of the blue, hear this song in Youtube again. And then, it hit me. Wasn't it nice to remember how we all were as kids? I recall previous blog entries of mine complaining about life and how it was easier to be a child. But listening to this song brought me back to how I was when life was easier. And that is how I should be if I want to enjoy life. 

To be successful, we must go back to our child-like qualities. And my decision to pursue what I want is a big step. This song says it all- about being a child at heart; about doing what you want in life no matter what. Its in the 80's era right- but we're talking about music here and the message it conveys. Thus, I am so thankful to Debbie Gibson for this song. You inspired me again to be who I really am, pursue what I want.

"They say my hopes will not come true, but I'm taking a chance because we only live once..."

"There are no guarantees but if it means there's even a possibility. Then I'll give up whatever it takes..."

"If you say jump, I'll say how high?
If you say run, I'd run and fly
Just for the chance, just for the moment should the moment pass us by."

Put your childhood mode on and hopefully this song will also remind you to go for what you want- be happy and let's live a stress free life. All we need to change is our outlook and our response to events and all will be fine. 

Debbie Gibson We Could be Together Lyrics:
[Verse 1:] 
If I were an only child
I would be a lonely child
but baby we´ve got nothing to lose
I´m standing tall in my own shoes
I´ll take this chance
I´ll make this choice
I´ll right this wrong
I´ll raise my voice
if it means
We'll be together
for a while

[Verse 2:] 
I have never had a doubt
But for you I´ll take time out
I´ll push his love far away from me
and then I´ll be completely free
I´ll give up my security
for just the possibility
that we could be together
for a while

If you said
"Jump!" I´d
say "How
If you said
"Run!" I´d run
and fly
Just for the chance
Just for the moment
Should the moment pass us by
and if you ask once
I´ll tell you twice
I´ll ignore the world's advice
if we could be together
for a while

[Verse 3:] 
I am taken by your strength
I´ve thought about it at great length
I thought that I was happy now
but there are things that I found out
Happiness means greater things
I´ll sit here 'til that
telephone rings
then we could be together
for a while


Wait'll I tell my guy
(wait'll I tell)
Wait'll I tell my other friends
They'll all think I´m crazy-
and ya know what?
That depends...
'cause I´m crazy in love
with you
and everyone's best won't do
They'll say my hopes
will not come true
But I´m taking the chance
Because you only live once-
Only live once (only live once)


If you said
"Jump!" I´d
say "How
If you said
"Run!" You know
I´d fly
Just for the chance
Just for the moment
Should the moment pass us by
and if you ask once
I´ll tell you twice
I´ll ignore the world's advice
if we could be together
for a while

There are no guarantees
but if it means
there´s even a possibility
then I´ll give up whatever it takes
I know I´ve made some mistakes before
It may be just another closed door
But we could be together
for a while

If you said
"Jump!" I´d
say "How
If you said
"Run!" I´d run
and fly
Just for the chance
Just for the moment
Should the moment pass us by
Ask me once I´ll tell you twice,
You know I´ll ignore
the world's advice
if we could be together
for a while


Don´t you know that we
could be together
for a while.
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