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Good morning Saturday! This is my first Saturday without a makeup class. It feels weird thinking that I will have a lot of time to spend today for whichever event I want to go to. On the other hand, I also miss the makeup challenges that we used to do with our models. Anyway, tomorrow will be my first ever MUA event. This will definitely test what I learned from Ms. Yuki and Mio. I am excited- just plain excited!

Although I am so late, it's better late than nevah! I will be watching Transformers 3 today. Crap! I am so out of place. hehehe. This is what you get when you drown yourself with office work. I forget that I used to watch movies every week till I've seen all the movies in the cinemas.

It is still too early for the mall to open. So, I am having a breakfast and trying Starbucks' Soy Strawberry Cream Frappe with Italian Sausage Sandwich. Yum!

And of course: here is my Photo for the week:

Weee! I can't wait. Finally.... 

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