Zodiac Talk: Which animals are friends and not

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February is getting near. I have 4 important events on my list so far.

  • Chinese New Year- February 10
  • The Walking Dead - Season 3 - February 10
  • Valentine's Day- February 14
  • My full term
Life has been very good to our family so far. Thus, I couldn't really imagine how 2013 could be challenging for my sign, the Pig. As I said in my previous post about horoscopes, our reaction is all that matters. If we feel negative about events that didn't go our way, then we begin to dig our doom. But if we always smile and expect more good things to come, they will come. 

For those who want to know which Animal Zodiac will bring you a much easier year, I found this table from this site. It's a reference. :D

Here are some funny predictions for the PIG:

Wealth: A hard year may happen to them in finance. It is not suggested to lend money to others. Otherwise, it will be hard to get the money back. They also need to be thrifty to save some money for the unexpected use. Except that it is a little hard to earn money, they should make cautious investment for fear that they should be cheated. Anyway, as long as they make money as usual, they can well get through the year. 

Soooo... I am already announcing that there will be NO LENDING of MONEY from ME and ABRYAN. Kaya wag na i attempt. Hehehe.

Baby birth is not suggested in 2013 because the Chinese astrology says that the snake babies will not get along well with the pig parents.      
We are both PIG parents. So tell me how am I suppose to not give birth just because it's the year of the Snake? hahaha.

But of course I like the career part where it says we will get good opportunities!!!!

Overview: Good things will happen from time to time in 2013, such as moving to a new house, getting a better job and running a business. As long as they make more efforts, their fortune will get better. One more thing should be remembered is that they need to handle things carefully. 
Career: They will have good fortune this year. It will be comparatively easy to meet good opportunities to fully show their talents. As a result, they may get promotion. A kind suggestion is that they should not offend the leaders any time. If they want to change a job, they have to evaluate themselves in advance in case they are not suitable for the new positions.   


Cut that Ugly Hair

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I have been meaning to get my haircut for months now, but I haven't really decided on what to do with my locks. My hair has its natural wave. I got used to having it rebonded. However, it always pains me when my natural hair starts to grow and it becomes too obvious that I need a touch up. Thus, I told myself I wouldn't undergo another rebond. I want my natural hair to grow for a change. Thus, more than a year ago, I had my hair digitally permed beginning on the part where the wave was. I was happy about it- for some time. But when the curls got lose, it was just so bad to see my "buhaghag" hair. So... I wouldn't really advise digital perming because your hair would look terrible after it.

When I was about to have my hair treatment, I found out I was pregnant. And for all caring purposes, I would not want to get any chemical treatment which could harm my little prince. My hair grew till it was already waist length. I always put it in a bun so imagine how "lola-like" I was.

I am not due till the end of February or the first week of March. And I just couldn't wait that long. Suddenly, it dawned me. I want a short hair, again, for a change. Most women are used to having long hair because it is the safest. I really envy those who are brave enough to go from long hairstyle to short. It takes a lot of courage to change what you are used to.

I wanted a pixie haircut but I know it wouldn't suit me because my stubborn hair would not look good in a short hair with natural waves that has a mind of its own. Pixie haircuts are preferred with straight hair.

Who knows... after I give birth, I can probably get my treatments and get the haircut that I really want.  These were on my list.

Here are other short hairstyle trends this 2013. 

I went to Toni and Guy. I was sold on getting a short hairstyle so I gave them the permission to style my hair to whatever will suit me for now. I was happy with the sleek bob cut.

The perks of having a short hair:

  • I SAVE a huge amount of shampoo and conditioner.
  • I can easily blow dry my hair or iron it if I want to. 
  • I don't have to worry about what hairstyle I would do for the day because it is what it is!

*** So this is what men feel- minus the wax and all... *** :)


Day 12 of 2013: Beauty Finds Review

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Before my friend Jr's surprise birthday party yesterday (if you want to see what happened at the birthday, click HERE), I passed by Suesh (located at Trinoma) and bought two important tools for my makeup business. Since I am often busy, I sometimes run out of time in cleaning my makeup brushes. But all makeup artist know that hygiene is very important most specially in keeping your makeup brushes clean because we use it on our face.

Before this day, I used to clean my brushes using a baby shampoo and water. In a way, the process is hard because I have to ensure that all the dirt are removed. Most of the time, I have to do another round of cleaning.

I bought Parian Spirit, Professional Makeup artist brush cleaner and a new mixing plate for my liquid foundations. I am satisfied with the mixing plate just because I've been meaning to buy one ever since I started this extra career. 

Mixing Plate- 650 Php

Makeup Brush Cleaner- 340 Php

340 Php is a bit pricey for a brush cleaner but considering the less stress it would give you when cleaning your brushes, it must be good. I tried it and here is what happened.

First, I sprayed it directly on the bristles of my makeup brush and started rubbing it on a paper tissue. I was surprised that the dirt was sticking on the tissue like magic! It was indeed an easier way of cleaning makeup brushes because you do not need to wet your brushes with water which can sometimes remove the glue that holds all the bristles together. For the smaller brushes, I got a small cap and placed a small amount of the brush cleaner and just dipped the bristles before rubbing it on the tissue paper. Everything went to the tissue! It was that easy.
Sample of the makeup residue that came from my makeup brushes

I can say that this is a good buy! If you know other brush cleaner that works the same or far better, let me know too! I would love to try out other brands as long as they work. For now, I am happy with my purchase. :)


The new relationship!

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Oh the birth pains of a new relationship!

I have recently posted a status on my Facebook account about how demanding and unreliable house helpers are nowadays. Megan's nanny for almost 3 years finally said farewell to us because of some reason that she probably just came up with. I know because she informed my aunt last December that if we will not be living here (we're moving out soon right?) then she would just go home to the province. Oh I could go on ranting about why she doesn't want to leave this house. To summarize those rantings, she is just afraid of the real responsibility that she will face when we move to the new house. Although I am aware of how difficult it is to find a helper or a nanny these days, I did not bother to keep her anymore. Some people have to learn their lessons and I know she would when she realizes that she couldn't find another household who are as understanding as we are with her.

An expectant mother should be worried. But I wasn't. I just know that I will get a replacement in perfect time. And I did. The day before nanny "lilstartlet" (that's her facebook alias) left came the new nanny. If I am not mistaken, they are of the same age.

Day 0

Of course it went fine! We were all extra understanding and we expect that there will be an adjustment phase.

Day 1

I have always known that house helpers, like a courting man always put their best foot forward. But eventually, you will start to see their true self.

Yan and I woke up to the sound of Barbie playing on our macbook. Megan was already watching the DVD when we woke up. What went through my head was "who operated the laptop?" Maybe it was Yan but Yan was also surprised to find out that I didn't. When he was ejecting the DVD, it wouldn't eject. I was getting stressed. This hasn't happened before. We did all the troubleshooting steps we could think of but to no avail. So... Yan had to open the back of the macbook and manually remove the disk drive so we can remove the stuck DVD. While doing so, Megan showed me the cover of her Barbie DVD. I also saw the cover of her Bratz DVD so I asked where the DVD was. Megan said "its gone". I asked the nanny where it is. She shrugged and said she didn't know. A few minutes more, Yan was able to eject the Barbie DVD but he was surprised that another DVD ejected! There were two DVDs in the disk drive!!! Imagine my horror!

He immediately asked the nanny who put the second DVD in. She answered "hawak po ni Megan yan kanina". (Remember I asked her where the Bratz DVD was and she said she didn't know. But now she's saying that Megan had it. hhhmmm...) So who put the second DVD??? It could be Megan. She's so bright she knows where to put it. However, she should have been supervised. And the nanny is an adult who could have looked after her.

When I talked to Tita, she said she talked to the nanny and asked her if she put it in. She said "yes". Tita asked if she didn't know there was another DVD in, she said "yes"!!!

Ohhhh... what a first day! Like what our ethics supervisor once said "a character will always show itself no matter how you try to hide it,"

Lying and using things without asking permission on day 1; quite a revelation.

We have yet to get to know our new nanny. One thing is for sure... we will have CCTVs installed on the new house.


Day 9 of 2013: Throwback Wednesday- Must see: Les Miserables

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Music is a universal language. Isn't it that when we feel sad, we listen and sing-a-long to love songs? It's also the same when we're in love. Teens have their team song for their crushes. That's because it is very easy to express in a song the emotions we feel. For this reason I still could not understand why there are people who wouldn't appreciate a musical. Those are scripts in melodies.

I was in first year high school when I first saw Les Miserables on VHS. Our teacher did not give us a background, or maybe she did but I was not paying attention. All I remembered were the songs. My mind was very young to really understand the Victor Hugo masterpiece. But while I was listening, I fell in love. Like every broadway lovers, I dreamed of singing the songs on stage.

3 years passed, I was in my senior year. We were asked to create a spectacular school program which will be shown at a dinner with a cause. I don't really recall what the cause was. All I remember was it was the first time for our school to produce something grand (grand na yun at that time ha) and to use our newly built auditorium. It was grand because the auditorium was fully airconditioned, there's new lightings and a sound room where you can control every lights and sound. There's a dressing room at the back stage and to cut it short, everything was new.

High School "Me"

For the spectacular program, it was decided that the seniors will do an adaptation of 4 broadway musicals. Of course we took Les Miserables. I was sure to throw a fit if we didn't get it.  Ahahaha. It was impossible at the beginning. No expert was coaching us on how to do things. We just did it out of passion. Too much passion... we sang it live. Who would have thought. That year was the time when film cameras were the only cameras available. The videocameras were as big as those being used by television crews. We were already advanced just because we used lapel microphones. Now, you can practically do everything!

There are things that you will love till you're old. It maybe a movie, a song, a book that you will always go back to. Les Miserables has taken one spot in my heart. And for that, I wouldn't miss watching the movie this January. Just watching the trailer already gives me the shivers. I have a strong feeling I am going to cry at some parts. I strongly recommend others to watch it too. Its not because I love it but because the story, like what I said about music, is universal. Who does not know poverty? about fighting for your family? fighting for the people's voice? This is the broadway musical that I am sure your boyfriends will be able to understand unless they do not understand English. :)


Day 8 of 2013: It's sooo Hooottt!

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I wouldn't be surprised that the temperature is getting warmer and warmer everyday. But the worst thing that could happen is for your most relied upon airconditioning unit to break down when you need it the most. Yan bought our AC just before I gave birth to Megan. Given that, the unit is almost 4 years old now. It was laziness on our part not to ensure that we have it regularly checked. I only remember one time when we had it cleaned. After that- no more! 

It was working fine last Saturday night. When it's already cold, it normally goes to fan mode. When it did, that was the time when Yan turned it off. The next morning, when we turned it on- it was stuck in the fan mode forever. Oh you couldn't imagine our dismay! It was a hot day, PLUS!!! a pregnant woman feels extra warmer so I was already sweaty even if they weren't. It was really hot. Yan found an air cooler that was just in the sala. We used it because were desperate. However, it didn't work at all. The air became humid. The second night came and we were still without an AC. 

Today, we finally found someone to check it. The motor was busted. Manong priced us 3,500 Php for the new motor, the cleaning, and for freon. We didn't question the price anymore. We really wanted it repaired. And as of 630pm today, tada!!!! Our AC works like its brand new!!!

They say we always have to learn from events. What I learned from this is that we should all take good care of the things that give us goodness. Whatever it is, caring is needed. Like in a relationship, if you do not pause and give one proper care, it will breakdown eventually. Not all things can be repaired and can work like brand new. So... never neglect things and most specially people around you. 

And don't forget to apply this to yourself too. Sometimes, we work so hard for the people we love that we do not take the time to pause and check if our body is getting enough rest and nourishment that it needs. All we know is that we are still young and our body can take it. But remember that we have to take good care of our body not when it gets sick but when it is at its peak of good health. A lot of good products are available now to ensure that we maintain good health. It is up to us to take action. 

Now, I am happy because I know we'll all have a good sleep. 

It's going to be a cold night! :)


Day 7 of 2013: Beauty radiates when you are happy!

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And yes I am happy with the kind of blessings that God has given me in 2012 and I will continue to honor Him through my works.

These are the people who trusted me to make them look their best on their photo shoot. I had a lot of good clients last 2012 and 2013 is going to be better! :)


Our Singapore Happy Trip!

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Day 4 of 2013: The Pregnant is Alone

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Today I went to the mall to meet with a college friend. While waiting for my ride, I got to talk to an older couple whom I remember when I was in my early adolescence. Though I didn't know their names, we had a good talk about so many things. She was surprised that I was going to the mall alone. I am not surprised anymore. In this pregnancy, I have observed that a lot of people worry if they see a pregnant woman alone. I remember last December when I was hired to do makeups for a Christmas party event in Greenhills. Yan couldn't accompany me because he has work so I had to go alone. After I was done doing the makeups (and the judging of a contest too), I couldn't wait for the party to end because it was getting very late. I said goodbye to my friend at the party and went outside the venue. There were few cabs passing by so I decided to start walking to the street corner. While I was walking, someone called loudly "Buntis! Uwi ka na?". I didn't know her but I recognized that she was attending the party I came from. When I said "yes" she said "Ingat ka ha." From that time I thought that maybe it looks really awkward when a pregnant woman works alone or plainly just DO things alone. And they all have a point. It's different when you are pregnant. You can't carry heavy bags, can't walk so far... It's not weakness. It's just being careful because you are carrying another life who is not ready yet for any stress. I completely understand. I do my best to ensure I do not stress myself specially when travelling.

Our talk continued... She knew I taught in high school before so she asked me where I was working now. I told her I don't work anymore. I  take care of our businesses, and if I work, it's definitely home-based. When she found out that my husband is related to I.T., she suggested that he works in Singapore because it will be easy for him to get us too. In my mind was a big NO. But of course I appreciate her suggestion. :)
(If you want to see our Singapore Happy Trip video- click HERE

I believe that any amount of money is possible to be earned here in the Philippines. For some- who happens to be in the "not so" in demand field, it might just take a little longer. Everything is possible! Law of abundance. And let's face it, so many Filipinos are dying to live abroad when those who are working abroad are dying to get back home. Life is easier in the Philippines if you work smart (not equivalent to corrupt). And those who work abroad, for most, end up living there because that's where their bread and butter is. I have no dreams of living abroad- vacation pwede pa. I am so attached to my family that I couldn't bear living a life so different from the care that we get with our loved ones around. And I recently read Father Reuter's tips for a lasting marriage from chuvaness.com. I'll quote the one that suits this topic

“Do not sleep on separate beds or lead separate lives in separate rooms.”
Meaning, if Brad Pitt is filming on location, Jennifer must come along.
Father expressed sadness over the OFW situation where many Filipinos leave their families to work abroad. Oftentimes, these overseas foreign workers carry on extramarital affairs while living abroad, resulting in destroyed marriages.

 Though people would say IT DEPENDS on the couple, or it's all about TRUST... It's still a very big temptation. My point is- just stay together no matter where it is.


Day 3 of 2013: Tiles and Beds

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Today, we checked out tiles for the room that we're having renovated. The house is nearly complete. The walls have been painted white, which I wanted. This morning, we already ordered the tiles that Yan and I agreed on. Once it's been glued to the flooring, the carpenters will proceed in making the creative double deck that we want for Megan and (upcoming) Abraham. 

Which is good?

We're crossing our fingers that we can start moving in by the end of January. 

Here are samples of the bunk beds that I've been eyeing for our kids! 

ALL PHOTOS COURTESY of http://www.besthomedesigns.org
Aren't they the cutest? I've been researching online where we could buy beds like these. I found some but their price is really "whoa!". It's always a plus if you know a good carpenter. Just show them the picture and they'll make it for you at a cheaper price!

We're really excited!


Day 2 of 2013: Water Snake- How's your luck this year?

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A start of the year is usually what I am very excited about. A lot of people create new year's resolution, goals and I often see Facebook statuses saying they HOPE this year will be good for them. (Insert opinion: I would prefer MAKING the year good for you than just plainly hoping.)

And on February 10, 2013, it will be the Chinese New Year. For those who are like me, fond of reading horoscopes for entertainment, this is the time to start reading what this year has to offer to us all.

I found this article from abs-cbnnews.com about what we can most likely expect for this year.
Feng shui practitioner Dr. Anthony Fugoso believes that major advances in science and technology can be expected in the Year of the Water Snake, saying that IT-related businesses such as mobile phone companies will flourish.
Yes!!! My husband is in the I.T. industry. Perfect! :)
Other “lucky” industries include media, travel and the arts, particularly dance. Since the water element is closely associated with education and research, the Year of the Water Snake will also be good for scientists and scholars, Fugoso added.
Another yes! I am currently working together with some colleagues on freelance content developing... ahem! education. :)
Fashion, meanwhile, will become more “elegant, fluid and sophisticated” in the coming year in the Chinese calendar.
Does fashion include makeup artistry? I think it's related. I've been getting a lot of makeup gigs since 2012 and I have scheduled activities this early 2013 too. I believe people are more aware now of enhancing the natural beauty.
Fugoso also mentioned things that people should watch out for during the Year of the Water Snake, from water-related disasters to “friendly alliances.”
So which animal sign is lucky this year??? and who are not so lucky???
In terms of Chinese animal signs, the “luckiest” during the Year of the Water Snake are the Rat and Dog, while the Tiger, Ox and Horse will be more fortunate in terms of wealth, the feng shui practitioner said.
The Dragon, on the other hand, will be “lucky” when it comes to romance and education. 
Meanwhile, Fugoso said the “not so lucky” animal signs include the Rabbit, Rooster, Sheep, Monkey, Pig and Snake.

Snake? Snake born people might ask why but this is somehow true. If it is your year, you are not that lucky. And for the fortune about pigs like me, the logical explanation for this is because Pigs are are usually the target food of the snake. They are not very good in combat unlike the snake.

Oh well... my definition of "not so lucky" means that there will be challenges. It doesn't mean you will not get what you want this year. You will just have to work extra hard.

For the rest... don't get your hopes too high. This is a general prediction. Remember that the elements are included in determining your fortune. By that I mean some Dogs could be a Fire Dog, a Water Dog, Metal Dog etc... They have differences in luck too.

Like what I said, these predictions are not meant to be taken seriously because the mind is very powerful. If you WILL something, with determination, you will eventually get it no matter if the prediction says you're not lucky. Remember, the Mayans predicted that the world will end last month but here we are, alive and celebrating life!

Good night!


Day 1 of 2013: Ark Avilon Zoo

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Instead of going to the mall, which is the first thing most people would think of on holidays, we decided to start the year differently by going to Ark Avilon Zoo. Like the name suggests, the concept is more of Noah's Ark. It is an indoor zoo where kids can enjoy seeing different animals.

I should say that the place isn't just for kids but for adults too! Compared to some zoos that I have been to, Ark Avilon Zoo is good because you get to see the animals closer. For the carnivores like the tiger, hyena, bear etc... there is a thick glass separating them from the viewers.

The zoo is located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Corner C-5, Pasig. It is very close to Tiendesitas and is beside Fun Ranch.

The very well decorated indoor zoo right after the entrance.
You might get confused. The birds on the branches are not decorations. They are real and alive!

Most of the birds are not caged. You can touch them if you like.
Me at 7 months, Megan and Daddy Yan
There are many animals to see but I will be posting some of my favorites.

Hedwig? Nope. (The Owl)

The Eagle

Ooohh.. They sure look scary.

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy...


Of course, my star sign animal (ARIES) 
Megan has a particular liking to the chickens!!! Isn't it so unique?

They have feeding areas where you can buy food some of the animals. They cost 30 pesos. 

And for the most challenging part (yeah... this was already challenging for me)... a moment with the snake and Jenny, the monkey! :)

I was holding the head of the snake!

Megan was very scared of Jenny. Actually, if not for Yan, I wouldn't want to have a picture taken with the monkey too. Not really my favorite- :l 
It was a fun trip for the start of the year. 2013 is really exciting!

Ark Avilon Zoo is open from 9:00am- 6:00pm Mondays thru Thursdays and 10:00am- 7:30pm during Fridays thru Sunday and holidays. The entrance fee is affordable. It is only 300 pesos per person and 200 pesos for kids 3.75 feet and below. You can contact them at (632) 706-2992.