A Summary of our Christmas!

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How was your holidays?

I thought this was going to be our first Christmas in a new home. However, we still haven't started the move out and the renovations in the new home are still in progress. Thus, we had to celebrate Christmas the way we used to. It didn't disappoint us in any way either! This celebration has got to be one of the bests we've had.

Here's what happened to us last Christmas!

family-christmas from gem taopo on Vimeo.


Revisiting my Dream board

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Last few days of 2012.

I believe that you do not just wait for things to happen to you but instead, you should set goals so you do not lose focus. With this, you gain control over your life or at least have a direction to go to. This will help you gauge how near you are from getting your goals.

Last March 2012, I created a dream board, or power-board for me because I think these things are not "just" a dream. As we close 2013, I revisited my power-board to see which goals were met this year. I am happy to say that I crossed out almost all of it.

My Goals for 2012 (March 2012)

My Achieved Goals as of Dec. 2012

1. Travel/ Vacation- We went to Boracay on my birthday despite the busy schedule that we have. I love adventure and travels so much that's why this, definitely, was on my list.

2. Ipad - it wasn't for me but for my hubby since I already have my Ipad 2. I gave him his own Ipad. :)

3. Makeup Case - I don't know why I kept on delaying my purchase of this. Maybe it was because I was not expecting that much clients. I was focused on my other business. However, the clients came left and right so I HAD to buy the makeup case. As of now, I am enjoying it so much!

4. Bills Managed- I am happy to say that they do not bother me anymore! yehey!

5. Church- I placed here a picture of a church because secretly, I was "dreaming" that someday, I will get married in a church. Looking back at what happened to us, it was really surprising that our planned civil wedding ended up as a church wedding. Unconsciously... maybe... I attracted it. :)

For the other things I have not crossed out, I would like to think that they were just delayed. We lost our car because of the flood during the Habagat days so we had to work with the insurance company in getting whatever money we can get to recover from it. Thus, the sports car did not become the priority from that time. Second, the target savings was not met because we got married but I am very happy that our finances have improved tremendously (one of the many blessings we received this year). And third, for Megan's educational plan, I talked to someone this year who made me think twice about it. In short, I changed my mind. I would rather get Megan and my soon to arrive baby Abraham a life insurance. It's a better choice.

Assessing what happened this year, I can say that it has been a wonderful year. There were delays but still, I can see how far I've gone in achieving the things I want. 2013 will be exciting. I decided not to make a New Year's Resolution because I often end up forgetting about them. Instead, I will be making another power-board and will work on turning those dreams to reality!

So how did your 2012 go?


A Happy Christmas

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Before this day ends, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! This year, the people we have met and interacted with have been a part of the learnings and happiness which made 2012 such a wonderful year.

For sure everyone has their story of Christmas eve and Christmas itself. I would just like to thank my husband for his gift for me. Since he knew I couldn't drink coffee and will not be able to complete the Starbucks planner, he gave me the end product as a present!

My husband's first gift 

Our Christmas Eve went so well by going to the chapel to hear mass before Noche Buena, having a fun filled Noche Buena, and enjoying ourselves as we sing using the videoke.

Megan singing with Daddy

And on Jesus' birth day, it was all about kids... Our kids and the kids of the parents who went to our house for the usual aguinaldo giving. But we must always remember that Christmas is not about the new clothes, the food, the gadgets, the money that we, or our children get. It is about spending the day with your family and filling the day with LOVE.

It was indeed a happy Christmas not just for the kids but to us, the kids at heart, as well. I think I will never make myself used to any other Christmas than the one that we celebrate here at Longos. They always say that in traditions, you can always add something new, but the goal or the essence should be kept intact.

Family is all about LOVE. No matter how big the family gets, it is important that they come back to their roots and appreciate everything that they have.


The Wildlife

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Travelling has always been my love but not commuting. My pregnancy has made it more difficult for me to get to places I want to go unless I would take a cab. Today, it was one of those days again where I had to explore by myself.

It was my first time at Parks and Wildlife. Nakakahiya naman considering the place is just in Quezon City. The entrance is only 8 pesos. Very cheap! However, I told myself I shouldn't be expecting a brochure with a map though it would really help so much for a first timer like me. I looked at the big map at the entrance but I just couldn't memorize it.

I roamed and got to the Wildlife Resource Center where I saw the animals that were being taken cared of. It was fun to be alone once in a while. For sure, I will be taking Megan here so she could see some animals live- in action!

Some of the animals in the Wildlife Resource Center

Checking out the scenery
There's so many areas in the place that I haven't really gone to yet. But I am glad to know that a park like this exists in Quezon City! Keep it up!


Let's talk about Bathroom!

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One of the best parts in a married life is moving to a place of your own. Although Yan and I have been living in together for almost 3 to 4 years, we really skipped the part of moving out of my house. First, I was not ready to move out yet. Second, Megan is best taken cared of when my aunts are with us. I get to work at that time without worrying about my then, very young baby.

But now that we're married, a sudden change of atmosphere swept me. It's time to live on our own. (Well we should have done it a long time ago anyway!) We have been looking for our new "house to be". Manila being too crowded gives couples more option if they would be looking for areas like Cavite, Las Pinas, Bulacan, Fairview, and all other faraway places. We removed Condos from our list because we want to be able to own a land and renovate it, build a house the way we want to.

For now, with baby Abraham coming soon, we can't risk getting a house that's far because if the time comes when I will have to give birth and Yan is in the office, who will help me get to the hospital? Or take care of me after giving birth? Some people will say "you'll get by" but I really do not want to wait and see.

Soooo... we're moving to a place near our hearts (still in Malabon). And we're having it renovated! I have been looking at bathroom ideas because I am very sure that we'll have it totally changed.

Here are some of the images I love to see materialize. All photos are courtesy of Home Interior Designs http://www.besthomedesigns.org/

For now I have picked simple designs for a small space. It feels so exciting!!!! Next up... I need some ideas for book shelves. Since I am a teacher by profession, my books are part of who I am. Thus, if I move out, I have to bring my books with me. It's time to research.

If you have other resources for bathroom ideas, let me know. It would be a big help! And if you could share the best places to buy tiles and bathroom accessories that are affordable, send me a message too. 2013 is going to be great!


December is a time to rejoice!

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December has always been, for most, the most favorite month of the year. One of the best reasons of course would be Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. As I have mentioned, November was the best month for me. Second to it would be December. Nobody can't deny the happiness on people's face when they get to receive their 13th month pay, get to schedule and meet with friends they haven't seen regularly, visit relatives, buy themselves a gift or gifts for others, attend Christmas parties and get to be bonggacious once in a year.

And when it comes to looking fabulous, that's when I come in and help. I have always enjoyed making people look their best.

Looking at my Facebook newsfeed, there were a lot of people who got married last 12.12.12. They said the date is lucky because there will never be another three repetitive numbers again for a date. It was memorable for me too because I was invited to make 11 ladies more beautiful as they attend a wedding. I was at Lancaster Hotel early in the morning with my two assistants. It was a different experience because most of the clients we did were the titas of the bride. To be honest, they were very demanding. But they were fun to be with! Imagine, they have their own makeups and false eyelashes that they wanted to use. And for best customer service, you always give what your client wants. :)

Makeup artist at work

The blessings didn't stop that day. The next day, I went to C3 Events place to make 3 lovely ladies more beautiful in their Filipiniana costumes. I did their hairstyles too! And while I was in the middle of the makeup session, I was invited to judge the company's group presentation and beauty contest. Since I had no commitments after the makeup session, I gladly accepted the invite. I was just a little psyched that I might not be dressed for the occassion. But it really didn't matter! I enjoyed seeing the presentations and I laughed together with the crowd for the performances of people I do not even know! That was really an experience.

December is indeed festive and it hasn't ended yet. Let's celebrate everyday for life and for the wonderful things God has given us all.


Holidays are the best time to share

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And I continue sharing even if my little boy is already showing.

This year, I got promoted in our business. And for the Christmas event, all those who were promoted are in charge of the presentations. As much as I want to join in our team's performance, my pregnancy would be my outmost priority. Thus, to be able to help and share in the event, I made my lovely teammates look wonderful and perfect for their chosen presentation.

Doing makeup without "KYEME" :)

The team
Blessings continue to pour and I'm happy to be doing makeups this December! I remember the Dream Board that I made at the early part of this year... I finally got my makeup case! :D Yey!