A Mother's Presence

5:29 PM gem 0 Comments

I grew up raised by my aunts while my mother works in Hong Kong and my father in Saudi Arabia. I understood perfectly why the setting had to be such... it is for the greater good. My mother has been working in Hong Kong for more than 10 years if I am not mistaken. We don't get to see her every year because like other OFWs, she would prefer to work so she can provide for us. Again, I perfectly understand that.

We definitely see her on special events like my younger sister's wedding, and of course, my recent wedding event. The past months have been difficult for me, more difficult because of the hormonal changes I am going through because of pregnancy. Her arrival was like a grand vacation for my emotional stress. The feeling was calm and very secure. This is one of the reasons I love November out of all the months of this year. It is true that a mother cares like no one else would. A mother understands like no one else would. And though I didn't grow up with her beside me all the time, I truly appreciate seeing her... just seeing her makes everything okay.

Today, she is on her trip back to Hong Kong. It's going to be a long distance relationship again for us all. As a daughter, the only gift I could give her is to show her that I can manage my life on my own. The most precious thing I can offer is for her to have that peace of mind that I am responsible enough to live that life that she can be proud of.

We will see each other soon. And I will always find a way to bridge the distance so you don't have to worry so much.

mama vacation from gem taopo on Vimeo.