Death, can you prevent it?

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Life is a gift and we should treasure every day because it is a blessing. This post is a little sad because just this week, two people I know have passed away. My Lolo Ric (Eduardo Gonzales), and a student when I was still teaching in Highschool in St. James Academy, Gian Sta. Maria.

Gian died at a young age. Looking back at my early 20s, that was the time when I was at the point of discovering everything about life after college. If he was indeed murdered by a hitman, that is such a coward act. We all know that no one has the right to take someone else’s life for whatever reason. (if you know Gian, please like this page and let’s pray for his soul)

My distant grandfather, the elders in our community say, died a natural death. Dying of cancer is not a natural death. Cancer has been a common cause of death which is probably why others say that it is just natural. “Baby boomers” those aging 60s and above is the first generation of people found to be less healthy than the generation before them. They have developed degenerative diseases. This means that their organs and tissues progressively deteriorate over time due to bodily wear and lifestyle choices or eating habits.

So how many of us know people who are suffering or have died because of Cardiovascular disease (heart attack), Cancer, stroke, respiratory diseases, and diabetes? These diseases do not “just” happen, they are caused by cell deterioration due to stress, radiation from the sun, pollution, toxins in the water, and poor food choices. Our busy lifestyle has lead us to neglect our health. We eat at fast food chains, smoke, drink and party every week, and face so much stress with work everyday.(Notfast_food_kills sure if you are stressed? Take this test ) Some people say that they are healthy because they participate in “fun runs”. Exercise helps but you still are not getting what your body needs from the food you take. Looking at myself months ago, and if I have not realized these things, I might be on my way to developing a degenerative disease which will take me to heaven sooner. (aww!)


When micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are in short supply, this will cause health problems in the long run. Vitamins are defined as substances that the body needs but cannot make or cannot make in sufficient quantities, and obviously, our body cannot make minerals. These two are needed for the repair of our cells. So ask yourself, are you taking care of your body? I for one have not. I was not used to taking vitamins. I had always thought that if it’s your “time”, it’s your TIME! But come to think of it, it isn’t so. The world is such a good place to live in so why would I shorten my stay by living a life that I know would lead to death?

Some people might laugh at this thought. It sounds corny or I sound like a doctor lecturing but let’s see where you will be 5 or 10 years from now. Spending on my dream house, dream car and travelling are far better than spending millions to cure cancer.


So can you really prevent death? if we are talking about diseases, YES, they can be prevented. If you have been neglecting your health, I’ll pause for you to think twice. …………………………

Are your loved ones on the same stressful path too? Then I suggest you take the first step to a new lifestyle for you and your family. We only have one life and we very well know that we should take care of it.

I have seen the pain that Cancer gives not just to the person who has it but also to their families. My grandmother died of Cancer too. I do not want this in my family anymore. So if you care for your love ones, repost this and let everyone be informed. Its time to make a new generation of healthy individuals.