The answers to hardships...

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Rainy days are the perfect time to reminisce. I reread my past entries in my old blog and there was one entry which made me so thankful to God. I wrote the blog The Child Talks last September 2010. At that time, I was so stressed with work. I have big dreams which I was not sure if I should continue reaching because it seemed that life has become so hard and that might be how it really is.

10 months after....

(here's the answer to my entry)


What's there to write? How would readers be entertained with my ordinary life when I have nothing to write but disappointments, complaints, and darkness?

When I was a kid, I used to dream so big. I wanted to become an actress, or a popular singer, or like every girl's dream, to find a prince charming who would take me to a life full of pleasures and happiness. As I grew, I started to adjust my dreams because I realized that they were not going to happen. I ended up being a teacher. Although I was earning a little, I still enjoyed what I was doing because I got to sing during school activities, directed plays, and taught theater arts. At that time, I still believed that I will go far.
But when the need to earn more kicked in, I saw that teaching in the academe would not be enough anymore. Yes, I believed I will go far. From a trainer, I became a training manager. My title changed but I am totally far from reaching any pleasurable life. I ended up taking more and more responsibilities, sleeping lesser and lesser, but not enjoying life the way I envisioned myself to have.

I still have responsibilities, but this time, I was able to get better sleep with the help of my supplements. Back then, I was not taking any vitamins because I thought that it was just for kids. If you are healthy- you can take on any task. But now, I realized how important it is to take supplements. It doesn't mean that I am sickly. It just means that I love the body I was given so I should take care of it. Now, I feel better everyday even if I just got 3-4 hours of sleep. And now, I am starting to enjoy my daily life. .
I dream of going to different places, but now, I couldn't even file for a vacation leave. I want to earn more, but now, my salary doesn't get any higher whether I extend and stay 14 hours in the office or come in during my rest days.
I still dream of travelling- but this time- my goal is to travel to Europe next year! Where will I get the money for that travel? It's just free! (Wanna find out how? Ask me) A few more weeks and I will never have to file for vacation leaves anymore. I will have lots of time with my family and friends! I will never have to work 14 hours and not get paid for the extra hours. Today, I get paid based on how hard I work. And money will not be an issue. It will not just be enough but in abundance.

I want to continue dreaming and believing that everyone is meant for something big. Is that for real or is it time for me to face the fact that not everyone gets to become a Manny Pacquiao or Charice Pempengco? The child inside me is dying. It seems like every time I hope for something bigger and better, someone will just smash the truth to my face that life isn't candies. How can ordinary people with wages of 14k survive even with kids?

Is this the farthest I can go? is this everything I'll ever be? Everyone gets a break. Where is mine? Or Am I past my big break? Are most people meant to be slaves in companies?
Grabe! Super nakakaiyak nman, I just realized how I was close to losing hope that I am meant for something big. YES!!!! I AM REALLY MEANT FOR SOMETHING BIG. I was meant to help other people like me who are losing faith and show them that hope is not lost. Life doesn't have to be hard. We just have to find the right opportunity. Being rich is not given to a few- it is there for all of us to grab if we just take the initiative and see that it is there. I saw my BIG BREAK- and it is waiting for me.

Quitting my job just to get a rest often comes in my mind. But no. My prince charming doesn't own a kingdom to let me just take care of the house and the baby. Like most ideal partners do, I have to divide my time between work and personal life to assure the prince that he is not neglected. Balancing these can really be a pain in the neck. Often, I find myself more stressed trying to be perfect for the two- a responsible manager for my trainers, and a responsible girlfriend and mother. I end up so drained. This is something big... could this be what I am meant for? But if it is, where is pleasure? And who takes care of me while I take care of the whole world? I hope it doesn't mean that if you are good in finding solutions for problems, you end up being the one to always look for a solution. I am tired. My dreams are the only ones that give color to life. But I can't see where my dreams are anymore.

I look at my monitor and see how colors of the cells in excel reach through December. I guess I won't be taking a break till the holidays. Please... if there is any hope out there for me, come find me.
 Hallelujah.  It took really 7 months for "hope" to find me. Quitting my job? I finally did in replacement for something far better. And this time, I can now make my dreams come true for my families. It is not just a dream anymore. I am on my way to getting it.

Sometimes, we lose hope that there is a way for a better life. Or most of the time, we limit ourselves on what we can do that we stick to our sulky situation because we have no other choice. "No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe.” We have to step out of our comfort zone and reach for our dreams. I am thankful that God answered my cries.

Can you relate to my blog entry last September? It doesn't have to be about work really- it can be about how hard life is at home- in school etc. I can help. Give me a try. Just ask me how.


Happy days- new learnings- and a new toy

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For the longest time, I’ve never felt how good it was being away from the office. For four days, I had to rest and I felt like I was in heaven where everything was peaceful- at least for a few days. Yippee!!!
I couldn’t get over the idea that Harry Potter has ended so I watched again Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from my HP video downloads collection. Amazing how the characters in the first movie were so young-cute and so innocent looking. After my Puh-ther marathon, I watched a horror movie at night. Ohhh I just slept the night away!
I went to a Clinic to have my eyes checked. I had an appointment at three but I waitedl till 5pm before I decided to back out. Its insane- I finished watching ‘Blusang Itim’ and “Sinner or Saint” from the small television they had in the waiting area. I didn’t even know these dramas till now. Funny how we have so many teleseryes in the afternoon. This is definitely what makes the lives of people miserable. They watch lots of dramas!
Of course I couldn’t take it so I left. I just told the nurse I will be back the next day so I better be on the list.
Boi and I rushed to the office because we had guests. Presentations here and there. Talks here and everywhere, Then, Off to go home. Yehey!!!! I so missed going home at night knowing that I will only have to go to my bed that’s waiting for me and SSSllllleeeepppp.  ZZZZzzzzz
Got so sad. I don’t know why. Maybe because I missed my mom. So, after I finally got checked by the doctor and was given medications, I went to the convenient store and look at what I found!!!!
Chocolate is my comfort food! Whittaker’s is one of the best chocolates which will give you that sugar rush! And since I am a sucker for sweets for that day- I woke up with a sore throat. Good job Gem!
Was back to business work day for me. Had to be in the office early for presentations. In the afternoon, we went to Goldilocks and bought our share for the Potluck Meet and Greet scheduled for the night. Grabe!!!! I got to meet other leaders and was inspired by their stories. I learned a lot of things. But most importantly, I learned that we were blessed because we were all on the right path. “Health and Wellness is the next big thing!” Kung 5 years ago, nag BOOM ang call centers, this time- THIS IS THE NEXT- Health! Though it took a long time, the meeting was worth it. It was work & fun with pagkain pa!

ZZZZOOOMMM Training!!!!! This is my first time to attend a training from 9am to 4am- IMAGINEEE!!!!! But what’s good about it is that we had the BEST Speaker and Facilitator. There was literally NO DULL MOMENT. I will create a separate blog entry about what I learned in Zoom. Jopet Pedroso is the MAN!!!! naka Birch Tree kasi! *applause*
Honestly, after the training I saw a deeper sense of purpose. My eyes were opened. And I realized that we only have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone if we want to be rich. But the main reason why all of us wants to be rich is because we have people we love so much and we realized that their happiness can’t be postponed for next year, or the year after when we’ve saved a portion of our salaries which really will not make any difference in our average or even poor state of living.
And true enough, blessings come in abundance. After all the knowledge shared to us which was already a huge gift for me, when Boi took me home from the training, while in the car, he asked me to look for a paper in the plastic at the back seat of the car. I reached for the plastic and just found a box. So I asked where the paper was. He told me to look inside the box. And when I took the box out, I was shocked! My Baby gave me this!
Nakakataba ng puso! Well, its not just because its an Ipad2 but because I knew he was seeing how hard and serious I have been working for our business. I felt that my efforts were appreciated. The gift is more valuable than the checks we’ve earned. Those are just money- this for me is an award.
It is true- if you are surrounded by positive people, you attract positive results. I am just so glad that soon, I will be able to work at my own time and can start my road to the real success!


It Has Ended

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Finally!!! I have seen the last installment of Harry Potter- The Deathly Hallows. It was uber okay! It is just like how you read it in books.

Its sad that there is no more Harry Potter movie to wait for since this is the last. I remember watching Harry, the younger him, in cinema and finding out afterwards that it is a book. From then on, I started reading all of J.K. Rowlings books of the little wizard. They are right, Harry Potter will forever be in our hearts- they will never leave.

The Last Harry Potter Movie

While I was watching Harry Potter, my right eye was getting teary eyed and my vision getting blurry. I was afraid to admit to myself that this could really be it. I am an infected being! Living normally as I would want, I went to the office after the movie. Since I want to confirm what’s the real score, I went directly to our  Clinic in Alphaland. The nurse gave me drops and we waited for 5 minutes for the redness to go away. But it did not. He went on writing in paper that I have this "communicable disease” and would have to be sent home. Hahahaha. My trainers Brian and Rio were with me that night so they were called the “Infected Minions of Gem”.

Oh well… I will be going to the doctor later and will get myself well soon. Right now, I keep on disinfecting my hands as often as possible so as not to infect Megan or anyone here at home.



Day 27: Malabo ang Kita!

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a7f3b4fd36515aab962562f60b8f6cf7I was in front of my office computer when I felt my right eye’s vision became blurry. I looked at the mirror and to my horror… I saw that my right eye was getting teary eyed and it started to produce morning glory in every 5 minutes or so. This is not right!

I’ve been taking supplements for months now. All of us have to. Thus, I thought I was immune to all diseases until now. It’s not yet official though because I have not seen the doctor yet but I pray and hope that it will just go away.

How did I get this? I have no idea. But based on my investigation, I might have touched something dirty and might have rubbed it in my eyes. Or my eyes could have been irritated by the eyeliner I wore last night. Crap! I immediately asked Boi to buy me an Eyemo red eye drops. After I used it, I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep. And now, after waking up- whoala… my eyes are still teary eyed and what’s worse is that I cannot open my right eye properly. Its starting to swell.

Pink Eye or commonly known as sore eyes in the Philippines is an inflammation of the eye ball. It is usually caused by viral infections, bacteria, and can even be caused by simple allergy to dust, pollen, grass etc… Although there are a lot of home remedies for Pink eye, I suggest to see a doctor to have the eye examined. They would know best on whether you should be given eye drops, take antibiotics or just rest.

I am waiting for my prescribed eye drops which I asked my Aunt to buy from the drug store. Cross my fingers and hopefully it works. I do not want to spread the infection to others and obviously do not want to spend the rest of my 26 days unproductive by staying at home to hibernate and get well.


Day 28: Start of a Hectic Life

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I had a hectic weekend! We enjoyed the run for Director last Saturday. Although we didn’t get the title, there will still be other opportunities. And for sure, we’ll get it next time. We’ll definitely make sure we do! To celebrate, we bought a Mocha roll from Red Ribbon, and had our dinner delivered from Jollibee. Tamad mode sa bahay!

And today, on my 28th day road to freedom- we had our breakfast with Megan in Bigoli. I ordered Pepperoni Pizza with Fettucini Alfredo. I am so excited on the coming days…. Busy… Busy… Busy….Food


Makeup Artist at Work

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Keeping my mind off my business. (for awhile)

Last Sunday was my first ever photoshoot as an official make up artist. But of course! I have to make sure that I make good use of the skills I honed in Maquillage Proffesionnel. Makeup artistry is not totally an alien thing for me. I remember when I was young, I saw and observed my mother in front of the mirror while she draws her eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. It was amazing. Then, when I was in highschool, I loved plays. I loved it to the point that I would be doing the makeup for all my classmates. And of course it was no different when I was in college. When I became a teacher, I still enjoyed seeing my students join contests of all kinds. And then- Miss Gem will do the make up for the contests. Wasn't that nice?

Years more, here I am- doing it for passion. Come to think of it, my business helps me to make choices and to do the things that I really love- like makeup! 

The Venue - NYNP Studio

Model: Yolly with MUA: yours truly!

Makeup artist at work


I will post the official shots once photographers Mark Molina and Mea Oropesa post them. I am one proud mama!


Day 29: Crazy and Busiest Day

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What do you do when you were informed 3 days ago that you are so close to becoming a “Director” in my new business? That’s one hella CRAZZZYyyyy! It’s giving me sleepless days and nights. I will be earning $600 this week if I hit it. would you believe it? You better. Hahaha.


This is my new found peace. Yes, some of you might not understand how I would choose to make myself fulltime in this business than to be an Assistant Training Manager. It is scary at first because I’ve been a very loyal and obedient employee since I graduated college. I told myself, I will work very hard so I can be a boss someday. After 2 years of working as a highschool teacher, 6 months of being a customer service representative in a call center, 2 years of being a voice and accent product support trainer, 3 years of being a customer experience coach/communications trainer, and 2 years of being an assistant training manager I realized that my savings in the bank hasn’t even reached a million. How long have I been working?? eight? nine years in total. Yes I have gone through places, I have travelled out of the country, I have my own office, my company issued laptop and other perks, people call me “boss”- but still, my bank account was filled with cobwebs.

If I continue this path, I will end up getting a very prestigious title, get more stressed, but I will never have financial freedom. I will forever be a slave of the office time clock. Who knows, I might forever be in the graveyard shift and develop chronic diseases and die at a young age.

Hence, I decided. And I am very happy and excited now. Who would have thought Boi and I would run for director in a span of 3 months? Blessings… I can almost cry now because of this overwhelming joy. Soon, I will no longer be working for money- but for choices.

““For the rich, it’s not about getting more stuff. It’s about having the freedom to make almost any decision you want,” says T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Wealth means you can send your child to any school or quit a job you don’t like.”



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Good morning Saturday! This is my first Saturday without a makeup class. It feels weird thinking that I will have a lot of time to spend today for whichever event I want to go to. On the other hand, I also miss the makeup challenges that we used to do with our models. Anyway, tomorrow will be my first ever MUA event. This will definitely test what I learned from Ms. Yuki and Mio. I am excited- just plain excited!

Although I am so late, it's better late than nevah! I will be watching Transformers 3 today. Crap! I am so out of place. hehehe. This is what you get when you drown yourself with office work. I forget that I used to watch movies every week till I've seen all the movies in the cinemas.

It is still too early for the mall to open. So, I am having a breakfast and trying Starbucks' Soy Strawberry Cream Frappe with Italian Sausage Sandwich. Yum!

And of course: here is my Photo for the week:

Weee! I can't wait. Finally.... 


Rj's Despedida 2011

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