When Your Body Gets Weak

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I finally managed to get myself back in the office after being sick. This hasn't happened for a long time now. I realized I stopped taking my supplements last week and from there, my body's immune system just went down due to stress and the sudden change of weather. - And not to miss the fact that I walked in the rain last Saturday after my makeup class. 

Anyway, while I was researching on ways to recover when your body gets weak, this is the video that I found. 
Hahaha. It's not related to getting sick but it's true that sometimes our body gets weak in a sexual way. Watch at your perusal. =) 

Such a good song! Who wants to cuddle now?


Happy Fathers Day

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The weather was pretty bad last weekend. It was raining really hard and it was flooded outside our house. However, that wouldn’t stop us from celebrating Father’s Day. Originally, I was hoping we could schedule the Body Sculpting session that I bought as a gift for my Boi today. But, when I called the clinic, they said they were not open on Sundays. So… we’ll just take it some other day.

Megan has really grown up. And luckily, we’ve documented some of the new learning she has acquired from observing us. I made this short video for Boi for this Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day!

Here are some of the pictures we took when we celebrated the special day.


We’re all wearing pink!

For a 1 year old and 7 months, we’re surprised how she can now eat by herself. Her favorite dish is any Pesto pasta. So, that’s what we got for her.


And the day wouldn’t be complete without taking Megan to Toy Kingdom. It’s her first time. We’re really happy when she’s happy.



After dining, we went home since we were all feeling sick because of the weather. Now, I have fever and colds. Megan got fever too. Ouch! But what is the good thing in this? Daddy took care of us the entire night! I still have fever but it’s nice to know that Megan is already better.

Thanks to our nurse, Boi!

We all know that Fathers are not the same. What is your father like? For me, it’s enough that my daughter has a very supportive father who loves her unconditionally. That makes a very good picture of all the Fathers in the world to me. Rolling on the floor laughing


The Red Moon

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Finally! I have decided to create another blog. I have missed blogging for a long time now. And I will be a bit sentimental because I had to set aside my other blog which I have kept since 2005. My entries there will forever be treasured. But when one adventure ends, another one will begin. This time, I hope it would be better than the last blog.
What a better day to remind me of when this blog was born… Today marks the longest lunar eclipse of the Century. Yes! Eclipse bring changes so here’s a toast to the all the changes that I have to face.
Other than making this my online diary, I will be posting entries about Health, Makeups and Parenting. So if you have thoughts or ideas, they are all welcome!

If you want to understand how the moon turned red today, you can watch the explanation in the video below. I am a fan of astrology but not so much of Science. Boohoo…
The Bloody Moon!

The total eclipse of the moon last June 15 (Early morning June 16 here in the Philippines) was visible to observers in Africa, South Asia and Australia.

In Astrology, ahem! here comes my forte! just kidding… it is said that when eclipses happen, they bring sudden change. And if it’s a lunar eclipse, most likely, it is an emotional one. And lo and behold, it is true!
The past weeks have been really difficult for me. I’ve been thinking about the changes that I would like to happen in my life. Hey! I am already 28 and I am not getting an younger. We all get that gloomy feeling when the people you expect to be there supporting you sometimes just aren't there. But knowing myself, I love challenges. And the more obstacles brought to cross my way, the more I pursue to show them that I will win- I will conquer. But sometimes, the feeling of nobody believing slows me down really hard. Then I saw this video… and it made me cry.

This is to all those who would want to keep trying no matter how hard the road is. We are never alone.

Who says anything about giving up?!

Did you wipe your tears? or were you stopping the, from falling? For sure you did. Whew! This is one emotional entry to begin with! So whatever problems you are facing right now: school, office, your boss, your parents, your bf/gf, your job, money- whatever they are- even if you think you’re going through it alone- you have God assisting you until you get to your goal.

Happy Thursday to all!